No Permit Hiking Xueshan Taiwan?

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Can I enter Snow Mountain Park without permit ?

UPDATED Oct 2017. For Snow Mountain, you can enter from the South trail and nobody will check your permit but it’s much more difficult physically ! The trail is not well maintained, some sections are very steep and rocky, and you’ll meet very few people ! and you must bring your tent !

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Map Snow Mountain North South Trailhead Hiking Taiwan Club

Map Snow Mountain North South Trailheads Hiking Taiwan Club

Moreover if you want to sleep in the cabin you can be controlled at the 369 hut (SanLiuJiu Cabin) and you are 90% sure to be checked at the Wuling exit (Normal entrance) unless you arrive there out of their working hours. You get a fine and you’ll be on blacklist for one year. You may also be sued…

What if I get an accident ?

Hiking SOLO in Snow Mountain is more adventurous but easily possible for hiker with experience not for beginner.

Even in a group, it happened that one person was left behind, took a wrong trail then fell and was never found ! The mountains are huge and the rescue team can not find you !

But the most dangerous part for you : if you have an accident (fall and break your leg, break your arm, lost…) then the insurance will not pay back because you entered illegally in the National Park. That makes sense?

How much does it cost for a rescue in the mountains ?

To give you an idea of the risk : In June 2017 a hiker paid 1 500 000 NT for the rescue and a simple surgery costs minimum 80 000 NT.

Article Rescue No Permit Hiker in Taiwan Mountain 50000 USD = 68000 SGD

Article Rescue No Permit Hiker in Taiwan Mountain 50000 USD = 68000 SGD

Google Translation :

Spend more than 1.5 million NT search and rescue climbers this sentence friends extremely angry.
2017/07/01 13:02 Huang Yu Ren comprehensive report / Taipei word grade word level in the small level.

Taipei City, 29-year-old man Lee Ming-han, recently climb alone “maybe high Harlem off” lost. he relied on their own for 35 days, and finally in the last 20 days by search and rescue personnel to find. search and rescue team more than 20 people spent 5 days.

Dispatched more than 10 aircraft helicopters, cost “more than 1.5 million yuan.” However, Li Minghan said in an interview on the 28th: ​​”I support paid search and rescue. but Taiwan’s search and rescue quality there is a lot of room for improvement. if the search and rescue dedicated, full-time, you are eligible to charge.”
Li Minghan said that if the search and rescue success rate is only 50 percent. to pay people will not be happy, because the success rate is only half. but if the success rate of search and rescue can reach 90,95,99? The higher the success rate, the higher the price you can receive.

He said that the overall view, the search and rescue capabilities to pursue progress, because Taiwan’s search and rescue with the neighboring days. South Korea can not compare, much worse. but also efforts to wait until after these, search and rescue charges will become very natural thing.

Search and Rescue system in Taiwan to improve

In the case of the article, he asked by the super search team, but looked back at the inadequacy of the general search and rescue system. This behavior was a blow to the search and rescue personnel, whether or not there was any Participate in the rescue.

Today’s system should be review, but it is not suitable for Li Minghan himself. “Peace to save you down the mountain but also by your review, WTF” This is the average person, the general rescue team to see such a report of the first reaction.
Li Minghan this passage, causing a lot of friends rebound: “the standard was cheaper to sell well”. “you pay the cost of relief after the re-criticism, this will be more convincing.” “waste of national resources, no gratitude. But also some people think: “to charge should also have a set of standards, to spend money should also know how to spend, or can not guarantee that day, there will be N civil rescue units to come out with. The family of the victims had a great lion.

I still have no time to apply for the 2 permits

If you really want to climb Snow Mountain without permit then in that case bring your tent. Do not sleep at 369 hut and go back to the same South trailhead. You will just miss the landscape of Wuling area.

Why do I need 2 permits to go hiking ?

First permit is for the Snow Mountain Sheipa National Park : they maintain the trails. They manage the cabins and limit the number of people.

Second permit is for the Police. They need to know your itinerary and schedule in case of accident. In case that your guardian angel has no more news from you. In case that you’re not out of the park according to your schedule.

Getting the permits is a big hassle but it’s to protect you in fact. In the past, many people unconsciously climbed. They got accident. Or they disappeared forever… It’s a problem for the hikers… and also for the government accused not to control / maintain the mountainous areas. Families accused the government of letting people die.

So you decide now… spend time to get the permit or pay someone to do it for you.

DIY apply permit for mountain National Park Taiwan CLICK HERE !

HELP others to SAVE money by SHARING in your groups :

2 thoughts on “No Permit Hiking Xueshan Taiwan?”

  1. Good day and Happy New Year!

    I would like to go for yushan and xueshan hike around 25-30 Jan, along with 1 more friend. I saw the information on your page, and I’m interested on the pack3 full package. May you kindly advise further details, including the following:

    1. How much does the package cost for me and my friend as a group?
    2. How do I apply the police and park permit for the 2 climbs?
    3. any items/equipment which I have to bring along? (*** will there be rental of equipment available on-site?)
    4. I would like to pre-order food (traditional Taiwanese cuisine cooked by aboriginal people), where do I apply/pre-order from?
    5. Transportation to and from the trails.
    6. any other important information I should know before deciding on the trip?

    Pleased to hear the soonest.
    Thanks a lot!

    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Zhiqian, all the infos are in the website Hiking Taiwan Club but thanks to your questions we are going to improve it to make it clearer and more evident. The cost is what we found online when we DIY organize a high mountain trip : we put the details so you can add according to your options then divide by number of participants in your group. We are hiking volunteers, passionate hikers but not good with website, not good with modern internet technology and social media apps ah ah, we prefer to be in the outdoor mountains…
      Apply permits :
      Hiking Equipment :
      Order Food in Snow Mountain :
      Transportation for Snow Mountain :
      Transportation for Jade Mountain :
      Take care of Snow Season !
      Welcome to Taiwan, it is freezing cold now and it is snowing in all the mountains !

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