Buy cooked meal at Snow Mountain 369 cabin and Qika Hut

Meal+Sleeping bag at Xueshan Taiwan Snow Mountain 雪山?

Do You come from the page DIY How to go hiking Snow Mountain Xueshan 雪山 in Taiwan ? (Open link in a new tab) UPDATE May 2019

Do you want to save weight in your backpack ? Then you don’t take your gas stove, gas bottles, cooking set, heavy food and your bulky sleeping bag ! The 原住民 Aboriginal people carry all of these and moreover cook for you at 369 cabin and Qika cabin !

Here is the Deal to get FOOD at 369 Cabin (at Qika cabin also possible) in Snow Mountain Xueshan :

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HTC Trailhead Hut Permit Control Hiking Snow Mountain Club

2D2N DIY XUESHAN Hike TAIWAN Snow Mountain 2019

Hiking Snow Mountain in Taiwan for CHEAP! Update Nov 2019

Save your money! This website is born from an avid Singapore girl hiker.

Here is the regularly updated DIY guide for Xueshan Hike in Taiwan :

DISCLAIMER: Information in that website are for EXPERIENCED HIKERS. We heard from Rescue Officer that too many people go to the High Mountains with poor equipment, with poor physical fitness, with poor sense of direction etc. 

Many hikers brag on their blog that they did it solo and easily. Reality is: “it is not easy for 92% of the population to climb High Mountains in Taiwan!” 

IF you are NOT an experienced hiker then our best advice for your own sake is to join a group tour with a company!


ITINERARY of Xue shan hike :

  • The Hike starts at Wuling Farm Xueshan Trailhead (2200 m altitude) – Metres above sea level
  • with 2 km to Qika cabin (2500 m altitude)
  • followed by 4 km to Xueshan East Peak (3150 m altitude) via “Crying slope”
  • then  1 km to 369 cabin (3100 m altitude),
  • finally 4 km to the summit of Snow Mountain = Xue Shan (3886 m)
  • It’s a total of 11 km going up and down to reach the Summit of Snow Mountain aka Xueshan aka Mount Sylvia.

It’s not very difficult to go Hiking Snow Mountain but you have to wake up very early to grab a parking space at the trailhead!

How to go to Xueshan from Taipei?

First of all, from Taipei, it takes more than 3 and a half hours by car to join Wuling Farm then 20 min to arrive at the trailhead.

It takes ONE DAY by public transportation from Taoyuan to Taipei to Yilan to Wuling Farm to Xueshan trailhead!

Do you want to hire a driver to save time?


TL;DR click Snow Mountain Guided Tour

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Hiking Yushan in Taiwan 爬玉山台灣

Hiking Guide for Hiking Xueshan or in Great Taipei !

English French Guide for hiking Xueshan for cheap

Guide français pour randonnée à Snow Mountain ou autre Baiyue 😉

If you have experience hiking high mountains then you do not need a hiking guide.

But last year, too many accidents happened and we can NOT recommend anymore to do it SOLO. The trail is easy for us but there are still people who get lost, who hurt themselves, who do not respect the rules of the high mountains.

So it belongs to each one to take his own responsibility.

This website was made thanks to a SINGAPORE GIRL HIKER who told us it was traditionally too expensive to hike Yushan or Xueshan,

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Cost for a hiking guide for Xueshan

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